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We must always take sides. Nutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented -- Elie Wiesel
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VOA Last Page Dec. 31/ 2021 Mehdi Falahati
Upozit No. 373 Dec. 19/ 2021 Afshin Nariman
Beautiful Rendition of two wonderful culture
The working children in Iran

The New York Times
Yes, a raging pandemic can be quelled. Recent history shows how - - Well, he said matter-of-factly, there are 200,000 people in this district and 20,000 of them are on ART. That was a staggering figure: 20,000 people on antiretroviral treatment for H.I.V.
By Stephanie Nolen

The Washington Post
Foreign seafarers say they were tricked into servitude on Iranian ships - - the seafarers say, they are sent to Iran and put to sea, where they are overworked, denied enough food and at times forced to transport drugs and cargo that is under international sanctions
By Katie McQue

The Foreign Policy
As Iran - China ties strengthen, what's in it for Beijing ? - - The partnership is about more than oil.
By Qolum Quinn

The Economist
Can big oil's bounce - back last ? - - Why American oil companies are different
By Business

The National Review
Biden's ready - made excuse for a new Iran deal - - If the administration reaches a new deal with Tehran, expect it to justify the agreement by blaming Donald Trump.
By Elliotte Abrams

The Washington Post
The first thing Glen Youngkin should do - - Youngkin should tear up Northams emergency declaration and issue a new one, focused on ending remote learning.
By Hugh Hewitt

The Christian science Monitor
Meet the scientist moms fighting climate change for their children - - A group of female scientists is trying to overcome climate doomerism the idea that nothing can be done to stop global warming. For them, its not just about the science but about values: how the issue affects families.

The New York Times
Biden - Cheney - - As Ive noted before, one reason I pay very close attention to the Israeli-Palestinian arena is that a lot of trends get perfected there first and then go global airline hijacking, suicide bombing, building a wall, the challenges of pluralism and lots more. Its Off Broadway to Broadway, so whats playing there these days that might be a harbinger for politics in the U.S.?
By Thomas L. Friedman

The Foreign Affairs
A more just Drone war is within reach - - The Case for Tighter Targeting Restrictions
By Paul Lushanko, Sara Kreps, and Shayan Raman

The Economist
The return of big government sparks questions for Europe - - The EU will have to evolve from forbidding things to proposing them
By Europe

Iran - Canada - Plane Crash
The Washington Post
Canadian court orders Iran to pay millions to families of victims from plane shot down in 2020 - - A Canadian court has ordered Iran to pay $84 million 107 million in Canadian dollars plus interest to the families of six people who died when a passenger plane was shot down near Tehran in 2020
By Adela Suliman

Free Speech - World
The National Review
Free speech, American -style - - Welcome to the Tuesday, a weekly newsletter about language, culture, and politics. To subscribe to the Tuesday and please do! just follow this link.
By Kevin D. Williamson

Burqa - Women Future
The Economist
A young Afghan woman on breaking free of the burqa - - It was dehumanising to grow up in Afghanistan under a veil. I escaped but others are now ensnared, says Sultana
By by Invention

The Foreign Affairs
A world without trust - - The Insidious Cyberthreat
By Jacquelyn Schneider

Analysis - Mid - Term election
The Foreign Policy
Next year's midterms could shake up Biden's foreign policy - - Republicans are looking to capitalize on the White Houses perceived missteps in Afghanistan and Ukraine
By Jack Detsch

U.S.- Iran Nuclear talk
The Christian science Monitor
Iran nuclear talks: Is U.S. following path that failed with North Korea - - Tehran may at least be weighing the eventual need for a regime-change insurance policy that brings it to the brink of having a nuclear weapon.
By Howard LaFranchi

Turkey -- Future
The Washington Post
As Turkey's economy suffers Erdogan's opponents step up eforts aimed at unseating him - - Turkeys presidential election is not scheduled until 2023. But an economic meltdown that is growing worse by the day marked by rocketing inflation that has left many unable to afford basic goods, and a nation watching aghast as the currency collapses has forced a reckoning on Erdogans authoritarian rule.
By Kareem Fahim

The National Review
The Irony of our polarized age - - The intense polarization of this period in American politics results in a lot of close elections and narrow majorities.
By Yuval Levin

Democracy - Across Asia
The Economist
Democracy declined across Asia in 2021 - - But there are ways it can revive
By Asia

Science - Technology
The National Review
America needs a rebirth of science - - The nations experience during Covid has revealed that the scientific community is not giving Americans what they need, what they deserve, and what they pay for. We must do better.
By Scott W. Atlass, Jay Bhattacharys & Martin Kulldorff

Middle East - U.S.
The Foreign Affairs
Rightsizing in the Middle East - - The U.S. Military Should Pull Back but Not Pull Out
By Becca Wasser and Elissa Ewers

The Economist
A Country that is on the fron line - - Japan offers the world examples to follow as well as ones not to. It is as relevant as ever, argues Noah Sneider
By Special report

U.S. - Federal Debt
The Washington Post
How U.S. Federal debt got so big - - Rapid rise in debt since onset of the coronavirus pandemic
By Alyssa Fowers & Tony Romm

Israel - UAE
The Washington Post
Naftali Bennett visits United Arab Emirates in first for Israeli prim minister - - minister - - A billion dollars in venture deals have been inked between investors in both nations
By Steve Henrix

America - Child Care
The Economist
What will Joe Biden's spending bill do for child care in America - - Subsidies would expand accessthough they may have unintended consequences
By Economist

The Foreign Affairs
The faltering fight for Democracy - - Bidens Mixed Record on Democratic Renewal
By Yascha Mounk

UAE - Revolution
The Washington Post
The United Arab Emirates moves weekends to Saturday-Sunday, announces shorter workweek The UAE is also implementing a 4-day workweek, as the weekend will officially start on Friday afternoon, when many Muslims gather for Friday prayers.
By Thomas L. friedman

Iran - Nuclear Weapons
The Christian science Monitor
restriction in Iran deal remain unclear - - Iran struck a hard line Tuesday after just one day of restarted talks in Vienna over its tattered nuclear deal, suggesting everything discussed in previous rounds of diplomacy could be renegotiated.
By Nasser Karimi

The Foreign Affairs
Order before peace - - Kissingers Middle East Diplomacy and Its Lessons for Today
By Martin Indyk

America - Middle East
The Foreign Affairs
America is not withdrawing from the Middle East - - Washington Needs a New Strategy But Not an Exit Strategy
By Dalia Dassa Kaye

Energy - Innovations
The New York Times
A widening web of undersea cables connects Britain to Green Energ - - y Britains economic and political ties to Europe may be fraying, but a growing web of undersea electrical cables binds the nations vital power system and its clean energy aspirations to the continent.
By Stanley Reed

World View - New Year
The Christian science Monitor
From around the world, a year's worth of high notes - - Twenty-three of the progress points we highlighted last year transcended borders, including the launch of an Interpol app for identifying stolen artwork and the establishment of the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent.
By Linsey McGinnis

Essayists - Their Stories
The Christian science Monitor
The moments to seize hold of: Essayests Brwster & Klose Klose Raisean ode to say - - There are seeds of joy everywhere, says contributor Murr Brewster. But you have to prepare the soil. Says fellow writer Robert Klose: Generally, joy kind of goes hand in hand with moving through life.
By Owen Thomas, editor, the Home Forum

The Economist
How to think about the threat to American Democracy - - The Republican Partys continued Trump infatuation is alarming. It should not lead to fatalism
By leaders

The Foreign Affairs
A redline for Iran ? - - America Must Decide Which Nuclear Steps Merit a Military Response
By Eric Posner , Nicholas L. Miller

Technology - for 2022
The New York Times
The tech I want in 2022 - - The innovations Im most eager to have for myself and the world in 2022 are those that give us more moments of precious connection with others. Heading into the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, which has separated us physically and further divided us, we need and deserve more microdoses of human empathy and community. Technology can help
By Shira Ovide

Education - Digital age
The Christian science Monitor
Reading, Writing, and Cybersecurity : Education for the digital age - - Listening to Christopher Long describe teaching his subject makes parts of it sound like a breezy outdoor summer camp, not training for one of the most highly sought after, yet undertaught, skillsets in the country.
By Dwight A. Weingarten

U.S. & Foreign Policy
The Foreign Affairs
From the jaws of retreat - - Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Persistence of American Ambition
By Erez Manela

The New York Times
What we lose if we don't. build back better - - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/20/opinion/manchin-build-back-better.html
By Paul Krugman

International - World Order
The Economist
David Miliband on fixing the broken global aid system - - Restoring international law and repairing UN efforts are needed to avert increasing misery
By David Miliband

Bangladesh - Future
The Christian science Monitor
As Bangladesh turns 50, the secret to its progress, Educate girls - - Fifty years ago, President Richard Nixon was silent about the genocide of unarmed Bengali people at the hands of the Pakistani army. In the end, Bangladesh declared its independence. But the country was born into flood and famine, corruption and coups. Echoing anothers comment, Henry Kissinger, Nixons security adviser, called the country a basket case.
By Rezual Karim Reza

Anti - Islamophobia Bill
The National Review
House Passes Ilhan Omar's anti - Islamophobia bill - - The House passed the bill 219-212, with no Republicans voting in favor.
By Zachary Evens

Trump - Netanyahu
The Washington Post
Isral's staunch evangelical allies shocked by Trump's outburst on Netanyahu - - F--k him, Trump was quoted as saying of Netanyahu. The first person that congratulated [Biden] was Bibi Netanyahu, the man that I did more for than any other person I dealt with.
By Steve Hendrix

Mid Term election - 202 - Winners
The New York Times
The upcoming elections that could shake both parties - - Election Day 2022 is still many months off, but already the primary season is shaping up to be a lulu
By Michelle Cottle

Democracy - Analysis
The Christian science Monitor
The Core mission of the democracy summit - - Reversing the rise in autocracies will require democracies to self-reflect on the corruption that breeds a loss of trust.
By Editorial Board

America - Senior Citizens
The New York Times
Every 8 seconds, an American turns 65. How do we care for everyone ? - - Every day in the United States, more than 10,000 babies are born and 10,000 people turn 65. But America doesnt have anything close to a comprehensive family policy.
By The Ezra Klein Show

Poverty - How to Eradicate it
The New York Times
A way to break the cycle of poverty - - Inequalities persist across generations children who grow up in poverty are likelier than their middle-class peers to end up poor and in ill health as adults. But demography isnt destiny.
By David L. Kirp

Iran - Contraception & Abortion
The Washington Post
Irana doubles down on abortion & contraceptions - - In recent years, policy shifts have whittled away such programs. The changes have culminated under a new law meant to address an emergent demographic shift which critics have decried as a major setback for womens and reproductive rights.
By Miraiam Berger

Climate Change & Future
The New York Times
Sifting through mud, flooded Canadians fear next disaster - - https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/29/world/canada/british-columbia-floods-storm.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20211201
By Ian Austen

The Foreign Affairs
More, less, or different ? - - Where U.S. Foreign Policy Shouldand ShouldntGo From Here
By Jack Sullivan

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