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We must always take sides. Nutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented -- Elie Wiesel
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2/17/2017Donals Trump is the Bizzaro Noam Chomsky - -The New Republic 
2/15/2017Ahead of Netanyahu meeting, White House official says U.S. would not insist on two state solution - - The Washington Post 
2/4/2017Iran tests missile and radar systems, defying U.S. Sanctions - - The MSN Newa - Reuter  
2/4/2017Aiarlines told to seat passengers as court blocks travel ban - - The New York Times 
2/2/2017Nordstorm has officially cut ties with Ivanka Trumps brand - - The MSN News 
1/8/2017Former Iran president Rafsanjani dies of heart attack - - Reuters  
12/7/2016Donald Trump is Times Man of the Year and he is still complaining - - The New Republic 
11/29/2016Brazilian soccer team plane crashes in Columbia, 76 dead - - The MSN - News 
7/27/2016North Korea accuses Seoul of - cunning plot - to release snakes over border - - The Guardian 
7/20/2016How Melania trumps speech veered off course and caused an uproar - -The New York Times 
7/3/2016Want greater diversity on college campus? increase the number of interreacial roomates - - The Washington Post 
6/29/2016Istanbul airport attack: ISIS behind deaths of at least 41, PM says - - The Guardian 
4/18/2016Iran accuses U.S. of not hororing historic nuclear deal - - The Foreign Policy 
1/28/2016Iranian released in prisoner exchange finds fault with its handling - -The Daily Telegraph 
10/15/2015Twitter names Omid Kordestani as executive chirman - -The New York Times 
8/31/2015sMount McKinley will again be called Denali - - The New York Times 
8/11/2015Enlightened depots, then and now - - The Foreign Affairs 
7/8/2015Meet the democrats who can make or break Obamas nuclear deal - -Foreign Policy 
6/19/2015The massacare in Charleston - - The Washington Post 

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