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1/25/2012Iran Atlas Before Islam  
5/6/2011Iran - Elements of DistinyThe Sunrise Visual Innovations 
3/20/2011Now Ruz ( Persian New Year )  
1/6/2011IRAN - The Cradel of Civilization 
12/18/2010Transition of 200 countries over 200 years in 4 minutesBBC 
10/15/2010History of bringing & planting TEA in Iran 
6/24/2010Dialogue & confrontation: Iran & the Persian GulfThe Hebrew University  
3/4/2010Why America Wants to Promote Liberty & Democracy Around the WorldFora.TV Series 
2/24/2010Islam & Democracy - Akbar GangiThe Institute of International Study 
2/22/2010Important Report on Cars Tire Safety ProblemsABC News 
2/21/2010Iran's Power Struggle - Amir TaheriThe Wall Street Journal 
2/17/2010Faith Complex: Discussion on Bahaism in IranThe Washington Post 
2/15/2010Rick Steves - A Perspective on IranPora.TV 
2/15/2010World Statistics Updated in Real TimeThe Worldometers 
2/15/2010The Golden Crescent - Drug Trafficking Journeyman Pictures 
2/14/2010C - Span - Danielle Pletka - U.S. Policy Toward IranThe C - Span 
2/14/2010C-Span - Robin Wright on Policy Toward IranC-Span 
2/11/2010Interview With Ayatollah MontezariRadio Zamaaneh 
12/1/2009Iran and the WestBBC 

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